The Constructing Excellence Club in Gloucestershire was formed to create a unique bridge between industry, clients, government and the research community. Following the collaborative ethos of Construction Excellence, the Committee members are from diverse range of construction industry backgrounds (clients, consultants, contractors, product manufacturers, construction trades) and all passionately share a strong commitment to achieving Excellence in construction.

The Club is proud of its ability to give an authoritative view on matters of critical importance for the construction sector. Membership numbers are increasing as a result of the Club’s welcoming atmosphere and dedication to creating an environment where appropriate and leading edge subject matter is addressed. Your views about your industry are important – come and meet like-minded people and help to shape the future.

How membership will benefit you:

  • Unlimited access to CE Events in Gloucestershire (corporate membership permits three company members to attend any event, and corporate plus membership permits unlimited company members to attend any event)
  • Listing in, and exclusive access to our member directory
  • Free or preferential rates to attend neighbouring clubs' events
  • Unparalleled networking opportunities
  • CPD events
  • Quality topics and a wide variety of subjects relating to construction
  • Representation at regional and national level
  • Exclusive visits to exemplar projects in the County