Beaufort Coop Academy

Multi-phased project, working within a live school. Phased refurbishment of School’s science classrooms and laboratories, School’s SEN classrooms and the School’s main hall. Construction of new 8no. classroom teaching building. Construction of new entrance building and refurbishment to the area connected to the extension.

School building

  • Multi-phased project, working in various different areas of the school, meant continuing liaison with the school to organise logistics and health and safety.
  • Construction of new entrance building meant coordination with the school, to allow the closing of the existing entrance and main reception of the school and the opening of the new entrance.
  • Demolition of existing buildings prior to the construction of the new reaching block within school term time, meant coordination of deliveries and segregation was managed at all times.
  • Challenging logistically, to access the main areas of work within the school.
  • We were appointed to the project at RIBA stage A, utilising a process of collaborative working from the onset. Through scheduled design team meetings with the architect, school and our supply chain partners, we developed designs that were successful in achieving planning and met the aspirations of the school within their budget.
  • The project was completed safely, on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards.