Far Peak Eco Park from MyPower

Climbing to new (renewable) heights

Far Peak Business Park is located near the Cotswold town of Northleach, approximately 9 miles north of Cirencester, and is not only home to a number of commercial units, but also a climbing wall, cafe, cycle hire and camping facilities.

As part of the refurbishment of the commercial units, owner Chris Wild, wanted to continue to improve the site’s eco credentials as well as making the units more attractive to potential tenants.

The North or the South face?

The 50m x 13m former smokery building roofs are North-South facing. Common perception is that solar PV isn’t suitable for a north facing elevation, however, this isn’t necessarily the case.  In many situations, with a relatively low roof pitch (the Far Peak roof is at a 15-degree slope), significant and commercially attractive generation can be achieved from a north facing elevation.

Mypower designed and installed a 49.83kWp, making maximum use of the available roof space, whilst minimising the requirements from a planning perspective. SolarEdge inverter and optimiser technology was utilised, reducing potential shading impact, and providing enhanced reporting and safety features.

Far Peak’s commercial tenants will now benefit from having a supply of clean, and (visibly) locally sourced energy of over 42,000kWh per annum to power their businesses.

Future revenue opportunity – Car Charging

As part of the continued development for the site, and to maximise the use of the solar generated electricity, four fast EV chargers will be installed, providing a valuable service to customers and businesses located on the site.  In addition, the chargers will provide the Far Peak business with a new revenue stream.

30% Grant funding

In Gloucestershire, grant funding of up to 30% is available to support SME businesses, helping them to reduce their carbon footprint and tackle climate change.  The process was relatively straight-forward, with Mypower providing support and guidance as required.  The grant saved Far Peak £10,000.

The grant made an already attractive investment even more enticing, and as you will see from the table below, it was a very easy decision for Far Peak to make.

Impressive attention to detail, knowledge and care

“I met Neil Stott from Mypower at a show last year and was  impressed by his level on knowledge   He stayed in touch,  keeping me updated on what was happening in the industry re: grants etc.  When we started the whole process was managed from start to finish by Neil. The level of detail they went into before coming onsite was very impressive and as I am involved in the construction industry I could not fail to be impressed by the level of care that went into the installation re: both the installation of the panels but the cable runs as well.  With regards the return on investment , the figures speak for themselves.”
Chris Wild, Director, Far Peak

Key facts and predictions

The benefits from solar PV were impressive without a grant but even more so with…