Constructing Excellence Gloucestershire spread Christmas cheer with charity donations

8th December 2020

Although the Christmas Quiz is cancelled, we wanted to make sure that our chosen charity didn’t miss out.

CEGlos is a “not for profit club” and most of our membership income is usually spent on venue hire and catering for our fantastic events.  Having moved online for obvious reasons in 2021, we are in a position of having saved a lot of money, particularly in respect of money usually put behind the bar at the summer party and Christmas quiz.  The CEGlos Committee has therefore resolved to make two generous donations to charity on behalf of Members.

Firstly, the Club’s chosen charity, Hope for Tomorrow will receive £500.  We will make the donation via Nick Bracey of Brace Creative who is on the CEGlos Committee.  Nick is currently undertaking 50 challenges ahead of his 50th birthday, all in aid of Hope for Tomorrow.  As his birthday falls on Christmas Day, he will do the challenges dressed as Santa.  You can sponsor Nick here and follow his antics on LinkedIn.

Secondly, we have been asked by CE South West Chair Andrew Goodenough to support his charity efforts to support Aviation Action.  Andrew is Infrastructure Director at Bristol Airport and is currently part of a team “Running the Runways” to raise money for the charity which supports those in the aviation sector who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.  We are delighted to be sponsoring him £500.

So whilst we are naturally saddened that we cannot have the usual CEGlos Christmas merriment, we hope CEGlos Club Members will be pleased to hear how we are supporting two very worthy causes this Christmas.