Our Rivershill Site Visit in Photos

26th August 2021


Our member, Barnwood Limited hosted a visit to the Rivershill Site in Cheltenham on the 26th July at 5PM. The visit took place in the middle of the holiday season, which may explain why numbers were not as high as we expected. Feedback from all of those Constructing Excellence Gloucestershire Club members who joined us said that they gained some fascinating insight into the exciting refresh project and found the talk by Ben Ramsay Barnwood, MD and Andrew Wood, Project Architect enlightening.

This Cheltenham-based project is the upscale refurbishment of a long-disused office block into 63 luxury residential apartments. Freemantle Developments and Telereal Trillium are working together on this project, with Barnwood Limited leading the build.

See the images taken on the day of the tour and note how the project is progressing. We even have some images of the apartment that will be shown to potential purchasers. During the tour, the stages of the refurbishment were outlined and the progress so far has been astounding. As far as we can see, our visitors were both informed and entertained, judging by the smiles all round.