Post Planning Process: Highways and Transport Planning with Cotswold Transport Planning 4th March 2020

8th October 2020

On the evening of Wednesday 4th March Constructing Excellence Gloucestershire Club held another interesting joint event with Transport Planning and Civil Engineering Consultancy, Cotswold Transport Planning. The event, which was hosted at the new CTP Cheltenham Headquarters, was well attended by members from the wide range of industries that CEGlos incorporates, and, as usual, all members got the chance to have a good networking catch up before the event presentation got underway.

The presentation lead by Committee Member and CTP Director, Brendan Quinn, and CTP Director Mike Glaze, sought to provide useful insights into the post planning process, helping our members to understand the highways and transportation issues that are associated with the implementation of highway works that have been requested through the planning application process and the processes required to action and legally undertake these works. Thinking and planning beyond obtaining planning permission is critical to the deliverability and viability of a site. All of this demonstrating the importance of understanding policies, as well as technical requirements and their associated timescales.

Clearly a topic of good discussion that proved popular, as come the end of the presentation, many hands raised during the questions and answers to get a thorough take on the outcomes of the presentation.

The evening was finished off with a final round of networking over fresh local pizza, wine and beer.