Sanctions – Changes in legislation and standard form contracts video

25th July 2022

Event took place July 12 @ 1:00 pm2:00 pm


Following the Ukrainian war, parties have been impacted by sanctions passed by the UK, US and EU.

This talk looked at what the sanctions are, the risks posed by them, and penalties that may be imposed by breaking them, then went on to look at how the JCT, NEC and FIDIC forms of contract deal with changes in legislation and whether time or costs can be recovered when a party is impacted by them.

Practical tips have been given on what tenderers must consider as well as steps to avoid entering into a binding contract where standard terms need amending to protect the contactor/subcontractor.

Meet the speakers:

  – Sean Gibbs – Hanscomb Intercontinental

– David Lockwood – Hanscomb Intercontinental

– David Brynmor Thomas QC – 39 Essex Chambers

View the video here: